About me

I am Nanneke Smit and working as an IoPT practitioner in my company ‘Your True Self inSight’. I am living in the Netherlands. In 2007 I met Franz Ruppert for the first time. At that time I did not fully understand what it was all about, but something in me knew that there was a truth in the way he understood the impact of traumatic experiences in the psyche. The topic was ‘Symbiosis and Autonomy: the relationship between traumatic experiences, split-off parts and healing by constellations’ and made me very curious. I followed his developments over the years as he left the path of constellations and focused more on, what he is calling, ‘self-encounters’, explorations of your inner world.

My special interest is the way in which pre- en perinatel experiences influences our life.

I am trained in IoPT/IZR by Margriet Wentink (the Netherlands), Vivian Broughton (UK) and continuously by following training and workshops with Franz Ruppert.

It is my passion to support people who feel they want to look into themselves, to see what is blocking them, to feel what is there, to see and feel how they can live their life fully. I believe that the best way to support is to provide a safe holding where you are able to look into yourself and find your true self inside, to find your true self insight and to reconnect with split-off parts. To just be you as you are, in your own unique and natural way. It is my deepest wish to offer a place where you can be who you are in the moment and were you can engage as much or as little as feels right for you. I warmly welcome you.


mobile phone: 0031 6 44 92 98 94

email: welkom@hetwarezelfinzicht.nl

Warm welcome

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