IoPT Learning Group

Learning about IoPT and Pre- and Perinatal (PPN) Development

This IoPT Learning Group is open for everyone who is curious and wants to learn more about IoPT and Pre- and Perinatal Development. In this group I will share my understanding and knowledge about IoPT and Pre- and Perinatal Development.

There will be one or more self-enounters per day and somatic explorations of significant embryological events. The learning comes from learning from these somatic explorations and from the self-encounters. We have an opportunity to discuss, in a gentle way with being mindful of the intention-setter, what we have seen in the process. We will discuss the theoretical side of the process and look at what we can learn from the process for ourselves.

Six days online from 10 am to 4.30 pm CET/Amsterdam time, dates:

  • Monday 30th September 2024
  • Monday 14th October 2024
  • Monday 28th October 2024
  • Monday 11th November 2024
  • Monday 25th November 2024
  • Monday 9th December 2024

We will touch into the IoPT topics: the Human Psyche, Trauma, Trauma of Identity, Trauma of Love and Trauma of Sexuality and the Perpetrator-Victim dynamic. We will also touch into Pre- and Perinatal (PPN) topics like: conception, original potency, hatching out, nesting in, discovery by the mother, support and layers of support. Each day will have a small lecture where I will share what I understand so far from IoPT and Pre- and Perinatal development.

The learning also comes from some guided meditations and/or guided explorations where you can explore more about your own pre- and perinatal experiences. It feels important to share that we go slow and in digestible steps, this topic of trauma and pre- and perinatal development requires that we go slow and with gentleness and compassion towards the young parts in us. I will also offer some time for jounaling and/or creative art to digest your learning. The focus is on understanding more about IoPT and I will weave the PPN learning into this.

My interest in IoPT started in 2007, if you are interested you can find out more about my background and my learning here . I am especially interested in the very early wombtime experiences, these experiences set the tone for all our further experiences. Our body remembers, it is uncounsiously hidden in our body. It is my heartfelt wish to genlty offer you opportunities to understand more about your own experiences and to eventually come into contact with the very young parts in you.

I have named this group IoPT Learning Group instead of a Training Group. I believe in learning together, we all learn from each other. I feel that I don’t want to train people, I believe in unfolding in your own way, finding your own learning and understanding.

This group offers a place for 6 participants. There is an opportunity for each of you to do your own self-enouncter.

Warm welcome if this resonates for you.

Since I am celebrating the 5th anniversary of my practice (on the 4th of November 2024) I have decided to offer a discount, the costs of joining this Autumn online IoPT and PPN Learning Group is € 550,-

Warm welcome if this resonates for you. For more information or for signing in, please send an email to Nanneke at