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Facilitating Identity-oriented Psychotraumatology Theory (IoPT) and the Intention Method online, individual IoPT sessions and IoPT group sessions

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Nanneke Smit The Netherlands

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Online individual IoPT sessions and online IoPT group sessions

I am facilitating online individual and group IoPT sessions in English and Dutch. Working with IoPT (Identity-oriented Psychotraumatology Theory) and the Intention Method means taking responsibility for your own (self)healing. As an IoPT Practitioner I offer you a place for your (self)healing. It is my passion to work with people who are curious about their own psyche, about ‘who they are’, about ‘what they want’ and about ‘how to live the life they want’. Find out more about me.

Working with IoPT is a ‘self-encounter’. It is a self-experience-based process that facilitates change. It enables you to gain access to the unconscious, repressed emotions and split off traumatised parts of yourself. The self-encounter provides you with the opportunity to re-connect with and integrate those split-off parts. You don’t have to consider yourself to be someone who has experienced a trauma in order to benefit from a self-encounter.

Please visit the IoPT page to find out more how these sessions can help you with your issue(s).

Online IoPT Group Sessions ‘Your Self Healing’:

Mostly on every last Friday of the month from 1 pm – to (around) 5.30 pm CET (Amsterdam time) IoPT group processes workshops:

  • Friday 31st May 2024
  • Monday 24th June 2024
  • Friday 26th July 2024
  • Friday 30th August 2024

Also available in 2024: IoPT Support Group for those of you who feel a wish to feel supported and want to connect in a closed group. Find out more here.

The international IoPT group sessions are online (Zoom). The online meeting room will be open at 15 minutes before so that you can arrive and check your sound and video.  We will take short breaks between the processes. There will be an opportunity for two persons to do a self-encounter. We will work in small groups. The workshops explores questions like: ‘Who really am I?’, ‘What is holding me back?’ and ‘What do I want?’ To book a working place or participant place, or for any questions, you are welcome to contact me at welkom@hetwarezelfinzicht.nl You can find out more about the workshops here.

Online individual IoPT Sessions

How to make an online appointment

Appointments are for 1 and a half hour, and cost € 79,- per online session. You can contact me by my emailadress: welkom@hetwarezelfinzicht.nl. As per the 1st of June the cost of an online session will be € 85,-

When your appointment is confirmed you can make your payment by Bank Transfer or PayPal using the details send with the appointment-confirmationmail. Please notice that this transfer can take a few days. Payment is due before your appointment.

Please note: if you cancel your appointment/attendance place/working place with less than 48 hours there will be no possibility of a refund.

After receiving your payment, I will email you giving the joining Zoom-link. The “room” will be open 5 minutes before your appointment so you can arrive and familiarise yourself with the technology.

Please make sure your internet connection is the best you can. Your session depends on it.

For the preparation of the appointment, please make sure you are in a closed environment so that you are not disturbed while we are working, and that no one else has access to the room or your computer during the sessions.  Please notice that no recording is allowed.

I look forward to seeing you and working together.

Identity-oriented Psychotraumatology Theory (IoPT), the development of Professor Dr. Franz Ruppert over the last 25 years, is established now as a new way of thinking about trauma, its influence in our individual lives, and its influence on our societies as a whole.

Everything you need to know for your own trauma healing is within you. You can access it when you are ready to take the risk.

Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert – founder of IoPT

“All we need to process is stored in our body and our psyche and appears in the IoPT session when we need it.”

Prof.Dr. Franz Ruppert – founder of IoPT

“All the trauma in the world comes originally from children trying to adjust to environments that are sometimes crazily impossible for them to understand and manage.” 

Vivian Broughton – Taken from her next book, Who Am I? – Trauma & Identity, due out late 2020

On the Trauma of Identity and the Trauma of Love: “As the mother’s psyche is split, so her heart is split also.”

Vivian Broughton – Taken from her next book

More information about how IoPT and the Intention Method works.

More information about my working experience and education (in Dutch)

More information about Franz Ruppert – founder IoPT

More information about Vivian Broughton psychotherapist, specialising in Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy (IoPT) Since 2005 she has studied intensively with Professor Ruppert, and her work is now entirely focused on IoPT psychotrauma work. She has made some very usefull videos explaining the work and ideas behind IoPT.