What people say

about me,

and their self-encounter

This poem I received as a ’thank you gift’ from a person who did a self-encounter in one of my workshops. I am very grateful that she allows me to share the poem with you.


Today I have been turned into a thousand pieces.
I touched such an old pain,
of a day-old fetus that did not choose to be conceived
of a day-old baby who was given away.
Today I felt as in full dilation at childbirth,
Like twenty broken bones
But the hole was in my heart..
And there were women around me. No less broken I, which held the fragments for me,
those that can be seen
And those that you only feel..

Today, after I touched the most deep darkest
I cried forty-four years of grief and sorrow.
Today, just like after giving birth
I felt exhausted and ragged.
And those women around me, like midwives, with their kind eyes ,
with knowing eyes,
Merge all the splits and fragments with me
Put back all the pieces with such compassion
And all those splits became one whole and clear
Today I looked up back with them
And I found a women
One complete


I have had the opportunity to both receive Nanneke’s support as a client and to observe her working with other individuals. As a client, I felt her full and gentle presence coupled with unconditional acceptance for whatever came up for me. In this safe space, I was able to meet a very dear and vulnerable part of myself with greater understanding and compassion.

As both a client and observer, I appreciate the unhurried space Nanneke holds for the client’s insights and feelings to arise in their own time. She uses silence, eye contact, simple non-invasive questions and gentle acknowledgements in a way that shows deep commitment to the client’s process and respect of their autonomy and innate wisdom.

I look forward to having future sessions with Nanneke and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who would like to explore troubling issues or live life with more joy and vitality.

– Katrina Mikiah