Agreement Form

Workshop Agreement Form

I warmly welcome you. This is a workshop where we will be dealing and working with psychological and emotional trauma. This requires various considerations in order to guarantee an environment that is safe, respectful and contained. Prior to your first attendance of any of the workshops or events organised by ‘Your True Self inSight’ you are asked to complete this form.



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Please note, by signing up this form you are agreeing to the following conditions:

  • I confirm that I will not record or capture (video/audio) any of these event that I attend
  • I confirm that I will not have anyone else in the room with me, nor will I share my computer with anyone else during any of these events.
  • Each individual registration is for the named participant only. No one that is not registered will be allowed to enter the online event.
  • I understand that if I cancel my appointment/attendance place/working place with less than 48 hours there will be no possibility of a refund.
  • I understand that being part of one of these events may involve intense emotional experiences and I accept full responsibility for my participation and any consequences it may have for me.
  • I confirm that I have adequate support in my life to enable me to process anything that may come up for me during one of these events, for example personal therapy, supervision, supportive friends, and so on.
  • I agree that I am aware that when I start to feel vulnerable during the workshop that I can mute my sound and turn off my video and take some time for myself.
  • I am over 21 years old.
  • I understand that by completing this form I am making these commitments for any online event that I attend organised by ‘Your True Self inSight’
  • I understand that after the event(s) if anything comes up for me that I feel concerned about I can contact Nanneke by email:



Thank you for completing this Agreement Form. Please send this Form before attending the workshop to Nanneke: