Conditions Form

Your Self Healing

Conditions for attending Online Workshops

  • Groups are limited in number: a maximum of 12 Participants.
  • There will be 2 Working Places and 10 Attendance Places available on each workshop.
  • Workshop attendance is strictly by registration, non-registrated guests will not be allowed into the event.
  • If you are new to IoPT, or if you have questions, please contact me.
  • Please make sure you are in a private and quit room and that you will not be disturbed by other people.
  • For the best online experience, login to zoom using your computer or laptop. Check that you have stable internet connection. You are required to login 15 minutes before the workshop starts as to iron out any technical issues.
  • Please take care of yourself: for example have something to drink at hand, wear comfortable clothes.
  • During the workshop if you feel that you are too overwhelmed by any processes, you may choose the following:
  • You can mute the sound and spend some time self-processing the emotions,
  • You can switch off the video while still logged into the online event, and go grab a drink, go for a walk or listen to some music and be with yourself, or
  • Exit the session totally at any point of time. Please drop me a little note in the private chat to let me know that you are taking care of yourself. Please feel free to connect with your own therapist or reach out to me to have a therapist to support you.
  • After the workshop if anything comes up for you that you feel concerned about you can contact me by email or other means.

Wishing you a meaningful workshop. Please feel free to engage in the event as much or as little as you feel is right for you in the moment. I warmly invite you to take yourself serious. You are in charge of your own healing process.